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Thursday, February 5, 2015

TBT: Journal Edition, Vol. 20

Sat., Oct. 9, 1999

It has been a tiring week. Monday nothing happened. On Tuesday I had chorus, Student Council Meeting, and soccer. At the meeting, we were playing a game and here are the steps:

1. Put a dot on your hand and have someone push it.
2. Open your hand and have the person pick a finger.
3. Look at that finger. Say the first letter of each name on that finger. Have them choose one.
4. Whatever the letter they pick, read off that name. They will marry that person. 

Soccer practice was fun. Half of us stood on one side of posts, the rest on the other. The coach stood between us, kicked the ball ahead, and saw who got to the ball first. Who ever got there first got a piece of candy. We also had a contest to see how far we could kick. I won! And that's just Tuesday!

On Wednesday, I had my first drama club session and Growing Disciples. We are doing a play called "Hillbilly Blues". We all have to talk in Southern accents and my name is Donna Sue. I have to marry someone at the end! That is one of the parts I don't like.

Growing Disciples was ok. It was a mass and I hope it isn't bad to say this but… the priest looked like Lord Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I'm sure he isn't like Lord Frollo in the least, he just looked like him from the angle I was sitting at.

On Thursday, in Art, Kevin and Bill got Naishi, Leah, and I in trouble. They kept making us laugh. Naishi made up a song:

Kevin and Bill are idiots,
Doo dah Doo dah,
Kevin and Bill are idiots,
Oh da doo dah day,
Oh da doo dah day,
Oh da doo dah day,
Kevin and Bill are idiots,
Oh da doo dah day!

Isn't that funny!?

We had a Fun Run on Friday. Leanne got 1st place for the girls! I was so happy for her! Gotta go.


5th grade (?) Soccer Team -- I'm on the bottom left. Apparently that was my silly face.

6th Grade World's Fair

First of all, I'm curious: Just what percentage of elementary school games revolve around who your future spouse will be? Also, how did we determine what five boys' names went on the fingers? And who did I end up picking? There were no Tyler's in my elementary school class, so something tells me that this system is not entirely legitimate. 

I'm kind of embarrassed at how put together I was as a sixth grader. Really, I think I balanced more activities and obligations at twelve years old than I do now. I barely finished my trivia questions in time this Wednesday... and I only do that every other week.

Also of note:

  • The soccer portion reminds me of this sweet Super Bowl commercial.
  • I absolutely remember the Lord Frollo priest sighting.
  • Sing Naishi's song to the tune of "Camptown Races."
  • Did Kevin and Bill really get us in trouble? Or did we bring that upon ourselves by singing in class?

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