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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

When I got my cast iron skillet for Christmas, I knew exactly what I wanted to make -- tortilla, bar-style pizza

Now I will admit that this pizza can't compete crust-wise with Smitten Kitchen's margherita pizza, but I didn't need to bother with active yeast, corn meal, or a blaring smoke alarm to get it onto the table. It is crispy, customizable, and most importantly fast. Between this and chocolate chip microwave mug cookies, my New Year's resolutions are in trouble. 

Thanks a lot, Serious Eats

Unfortunately, since getting sick earlier this month (more on that later), Zora's become an even worse beggar than usual. She's on a plain, slow-cooked chicken and white rice diet, but she's convinced she deserves the same food as us now. 

Sorry, pup. No pizza for you.

What do you make in your cast iron skillet? We've had pork chops, spinach-feta stuffed chicken, and many a fried egg. I see a skookie in our future. ;)


  1. Cast iron is da bomb dot com. (I am so hip). We make everything in ours. Chili, eggs, bacon, hamburgers, steak, cornbread, of course skookies, artisan bread...